About Me

Hi, I’m Vanessa! I’m a resume writer and website copywriter and the proud founder of By Lara Dee.

(I often get called Lara or Dee, however my business name is actually a twist on my daughter’s name, Dilara!)

That’s the biz-mum me. The everyday me is a wife and mother to two beautiful little girls. And they are the reason that By Lara Dee exists. Motherhood brought out a (rather) strong desire to assist and support others. At the same time, the creative writer in me was bursting for an outlet, a place where I could express myself and build something of my own. And so, By Lara Dee was born.

When I’m not washing clothes, running errands or playing hide ‘n’ seek, you’ll either find me in the kitchen passionately cooking or curled up on the couch, reading or studying.

Let me tell you a bit more about By Lara Dee.

By Lara Dee was created with one simple idea in mind – to write. So, I did. I wrote for individuals, I wrote for small businesses, I wrote for companies and I wrote for myself. I created content for websites, blogs, case studies, white pages, video scripts, email templates and resumes.

Crafting these stories fulfilled my desire to not only assist others, it also allowed me to express my inner wordsmith. After writing so many words for so many mediums, my passion began to emerge – supporting women looking to take control of their career and align it with their lifestyle.

I had a passion, I had the skill and I saw the need.

And now, I work with women around all of Australia, writing powerful resumes and engaging website copy.

My writing credentials.

I love to write. And I’m good at what I do. I have spent many hours crafting and perfecting words, covering a vast range of industries. From beauty, fashion and retail to community services, web development and law enforcement, I truly have written about it all!

I am also an online course addict! Not only do I hold a Bachelor of Business, I’ve also studied property (fun fact, I was a Property Valuer for 7 years!), IT, online marketing, business strategy, resume writing, copywriting and SEO copywriting.

I like to think I have the perfect combination of qualifications and work experience, to truly grasp the key responsibilities of a wide range of industries.

After creating so many words for so many beautiful women, I still feel incredibly lucky that I am able to help convey their vision and bring their stories to life. And I’d love to help tell YOUR story!

Take a look around, catch me on my socials and let’s get ready to transform your career.

Are you after a well-written resume or compelling website copy that connects with your reader and gets them to take notice?