Website and Social Media Copywriting

Infusing your brand with the right kind of words

Good copywriting reads well. Great copywriting connects, compels and converts.

Copywriting is not just about using nice words, correct grammar and SEO-rich content.

Copywriting offers the opportunity to attract, captivate and connect your ideal client to YOU. And when it’s done right, great copy serves as a powerful tool in converting a visitor to a customer, a reader to a follower or a proposal to a job.

But writing copy that connects with your audience can be tricky. You may simply lack time. Or perhaps you are struggling to show off just how amazing your product or service really is. Great copywriting takes research, creativity and time. Let me write the stories of your brand – saving you time, money and headaches.

So, how do I create great copy?

It’s all about taking a strategic and consultative approach to you and your brand. In doing so, together we are able to collaboratively determine your vision, your purpose and your big why. And once I know who you and your brand really are, it is then that I can create those magical WOW words that make your business shine!

How can I help you?

I work with women who are in the process of starting, growing or scaling their small business. From content editing to social media captions, right through to entire website copy. I will work collaboratively with you to share your brand’s story. Although every copywriting project is a little different, I’ve outlined the process that works well for most clients.

Here’s what to expect from the moment you contact me until the time I deliver your final copy:

This happens when you fill in this form or email me. I’ll ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you’re after and when you need it.

Please keep in mind that I am often booked up to a month in advance. If a faster turnaround time is required, I’ll do my very best to accommodate you.

I’ll present you with an obligation-free proposal of your project, outlining the cost and key deliverables. I’ll also send you my terms and conditions so you’ll know what to expect regarding payment, drafts and the final sign off.

Once we’ve signed everything, I’ll send you a 50% commencement invoice. Payments can be made via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Copywriting is a strategic and collaborative process. After all, nobody knows your business like you do! You’ll receive an online creative brief to complete.

The brief is designed to get you thinking about your objectives and allows me to really understand who you are and how that extends to your business. And the more info you provide, the better! Depending on what I receive from you, a phone chat might be needed.

And this is when the magic happens! I’ll do some industry and competitor research, before getting busy writing, editing or proofreading.

I’ll send you the first draft for review. You’ll have two rounds of revisions, at no extra cost.

Once you’re happy with the copy, it’s ready to be put to work. I’ll send through the final invoice and upon full payment, the copy is all yours! You’re free to publish, alter and share all of the material provided.