Despite how often I have tried, I am not a baby book person! You know the ones: ‘your first word’, ‘your first tooth’, ‘your first steps’… I love the idea of them and they truly are a beautiful keepsake. However, by the time I get around to filling them out, I am 6 months behind and scratching my head trying to remember when everything has happened!

Instead, I’ve been writing little letters every so often to capture where my girls are at, at that particular moment in time.

I thought I’d share with you all, my letter to Dilara at 3.5 years old.


To my darling Lals,

You have suddenly gone from our little toddler, to our little girl!

Your quiet and shy ways have now been lost and that delightful personality is finally shining through for the world to see. Miss Independent is your middle name… You MUST do everything by yourself because, as you say, ‘you are a big girl who does not our need help!’ Although you can be a little stubborn at times (I’ve been told we share that trait?!), you are truly such a content and chilled little girl. Regardless of our encouragement, you always err on the side of caution… No climbing up on ladders for you! And despite my dislike of frills, tutus and glitter, you are a true girly girl.

Creativity is still well and truly a major part of you. Drawing, painting, gluing, sticking… It’s all in a day’s work for you my love. You love to gift your beautiful art pieces to our family and friends; how lucky are they! Imaginative play is where you do your best work though. We often find you cooking up a storm for your dolls or watch as you brush the teeth of your LOL’s. And when you’re looking for your Barbie’s shoes, you know they are lined up at the front door, right next to ours.

To say things have changed for you over the last 6 months is an understatement! With the arrival of baby Alina, your dad and I weren’t sure as to how you would handle all of the changes. From the moment you held her in your arms though, our worries washed away. You never once blamed Alina for taking our time away from you. Instead, you sat by my side and held her hand whilst I fed her. You jumped up and grabbed the wipes and nappy when it was time to change her. You washed your doll whilst I bathed your sister. And now that she is starting to have solids, it is you who is feeding her. It is an absolute joy to see how much you have bonded with your sister. I couldn’t be prouder of how you have handled this major change!

Love you forever, my love.