Be it sweet, savoury, sour or bitter, from pasta to soup, cakes and chocolate, I truly love to eat it all!!

As a family, I really focus on ensuring we mainly eat healthy, nutritious and beneficial foods.  However, I also allow my girls to eat chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes and whatever else lights up their beautiful little faces.

Moderation and variety is KEY in my household.

With a Mediterranean background, I naturally gravitate towards the big bowls of soups, pastas, stews and casseroles. Most of the meals I cook have an abundance of vegetables, a side of protein and a side of carbs.

I like to cook from scratch (as much as time allows me to) and I try to avoid packaged food items, when I can. I am all about the quick and the easy, and usually cook with ingredients that the typical person has in their pantry.

Most importantly, I cook foods that my entire family will eat. Being a mum, that means most of my recipes are child friendly.  You can find more about my recipes here.

All in all, my core mantra is to eat an abundance of healthy and wholesome foods, whilst occasionally indulging in the good stuff!