If you had of asked me 5 years ago what a typical daily food intake consisted of, it would have looked something like this:

Breakfast: Sultana Bran (with extra sultanas), glass of orange juice

Morning Tea: 3 Oreo biscuits

Lunch: leftovers (see dinner below), chocolate bar, glass of orange juice

Afternoon Tea: muesli bar or a slice of cake

Dinner: an enormous portion of rice, pasta or bread, with a tiny bit of meat/chicken and minimal vegetables, glass of coke

Dessert: cake, cake and more cake

My mindset was akin to this: Fish? YUCK. Smoothies? YUCK. Vegetables? YUCK. Salad? YUCK.  Water? YUCK. Anything nutritious? YUCK.

It comes as no surprise that I was tired, lethargic and nauseous and constantly lacking in iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. I also suffered from a chronic stomach condition, which saw me on daily medication.

I simply had no education, care or awareness of what my food choices were doing to my body!!

My first ‘taste’ of healthy eating occurred when I was sitting with a gestational diabetes educator. (No surprise there that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes huh!). I remember her explaining to me the reasons as to why wholemeal multigrain bread was a much better choice in comparison to white bread.  Seeds in bread? I WAS HORRIFIED.

For the health of my baby, I slowly but surely began making very tiny changes to my diet. I replaced coke with orange juice and then finally water. I cut sugar from my cup of tea from 2 teaspoons, to 1, to half and then none. I swapped my Oreos to crackers with hummus and then vegetable sticks with hummus.

I utilised this technique of replacing the ‘not-so-great-foods’ with better food choices, at a very gradual pace. With a natural love of sweet foods, I had to work hard on slowly adjusting my tastebuds to actually appreciate the new flavours I was consuming.

I didn’t want a quick, temporary fix. I truly wanted to clean up my diet and ensure it became my lifestyle!

And I did just that! I researched, I experimented and I cooked lots different foods to ensure I was making the best food choices for me and my family.

Fast forward to today and despite having a 6 month old who is still waking every 3 hours for milk, I wake up feeling energised each and every day. My vitamin and mineral levels are at appropriate levels and perhaps best of all… No more daily medications! My chronic stomach condition is no longer chronic. In fact, it is essentially non-existent. So now when I see bread with seeds, I say yes please!!!

It truly is amazing how much food impacts on our overall health.

I feel healthy. I feel strong. I feel HAPPY!